About Rio Minerals Ltd.

Rio has been providing mineral exploration services to the mining industry for over 25 years in over 15 countries. Each crew member is trained in all aspects of geochemical sampling, various geophysical disciplines, prospecting, and the latest GPS technology. The members of our crew have been working together consistently for the past decade.

Our crews are well traveled and can communicate in English, Spanish and French, and assimilate well into various surroundings and cultures. We are always mindful of the impact we make in new areas.

We specialize in turnkey project management of mineral exploration programs. We implement and manage projects from acquisition to the drilling stage.

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→ Please call us at 604-671-2245 for a quote. All inquiries are kept strictly confidential. References available upon request.

  • Tenure acquisition
  • Data compilation
  • Regulatory permitting
  • Project and budget design and implementation
  • Management of the project from grassroots to drilling
  • Hire and supervise all geophysical, drilling, and support contractors
  • Construct, supply, and maintain camp and field equipment
  • Build solid helicopter and drill pads, providing a stable and safe platform to perform your work
  • Maintain field accounting and budgetary controls
  • Institute and monitor chain of command and quality control programs
  • Operate in full compliance with safety and first aid standards
  • Uphold the highest standards for environmental protection
  • Communicate with our client throughout fieldwork and afterwards
  • Maintain full commercial and professional liability insurance coverage
  • Build, verify, and maintain databases
  • Complete government filings related to fieldwork
  • Convenient, safe, minimal disturbance, and most of all functional. We will build a camp anywhere tailored to your specifications
  • Our professional crew has been staking claims for almost two decades in some of the most inhospitable terrain imaginable. We are well versed in claimstaking procedures in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Yukon, NWT, Idaho, Colorado, Utah, and Nevada. We are incorporated in Canada and the USA, and offer claim and concession searches and acquisition in any jurisdiction. We handle all aspects of the program for a true “no worries” job.
  • Each crewmember is trained in the proper sampling techniques and handling of your samples. Samples are properly labeled, sorted, plotted, and shipped to ensure minimal contamination and to avoid the dreaded “missing sample” syndrome.
  • Our crews have performed countless kilometers of Mag/VLF with both Omni and Gem systems. We also manage I.P. programs worldwide.
  • We strive for accuracy on our grids, and ease of movement for your personnel through the bush, check out the photos.
  • Our proven expertise in coordinating drill programs around the world means that we’ll approach your project with the professionalism and thoroughness it deserves.